We Were Brothers

In memory of a brother

Sometimes we walked
Sometimes we crawled
Sometimes we ran
Sometimes we tumbled

Now you are gone
But we’ll carry on
We were brothers

Now you ’ve moved on
But we’ll sing your song
Until we meet again
In heaven

Now comes the time
To say goodbye
Fare thee well,
Oh fare thee well. We were brothers
We were brothers

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Guitar Chords: We Were Brothers

Em              G               Em            G
We were brothers,   We were brothers

C               G                  C              D
We were brothers,  We were brothers

 G                               C
Now you are gone but we’ll carry on
                 Em          D
Because we were brothers

G                                         C
Sometimes we talked.  Sometimes we walked
G                                           D
Sometimes we crawled.  Sometimes we tumbled

Now you are gone, But we’ll sing your song

Because we were brothers

G                           C
Fare thee well,  fare thee well
G       D
Until we meet in heaven