Original Lyrics

Original Lyrics

Ballad of the Absolute Pauper

Ballad of the Widow and the Mites

Prophet Ezekiel Blues

When the Pain Gets Too Heavy`

Ballad of the Traveler

Before You Were Born

Come Lay Down

Could You Feel

Cover Me

For the Great and For the Least

Good Morning Song

I Fell Down

I Left You In My Dust

If I Shed a Tear

Jesus, You Are Lovely

Jesus, You Are Lovely chords

Mother Justice

My Fathers Place

My Spirit is High

Old Red Court House Blues

Redemption Right Now

Rescue me

Running Through Your Memories


Shadows of the Mind

Sweet Eyes

Tales of The Distorted Mirror

Tales of the Needle

Tales of Pain and Sorrow

Tales of the Safe Embrace

The Ballad of Two

The Noise that Makes No Sound

The Walking Choking Weeds

White Horse

Three Days to Mount Moriah

Walking With Idols

We were Brothers

We Were Brothers chords