Chords: Sweet Eyes

Guitar Chords: Sweet Eyes

G            D                                     C

Hey little girl your eyes sure were sweet

        G                            D                 C                    D                  

I remember when I met you on that dirty Brooklyn Street

G                                  D                               C

 You were working that picture booth by the elevated train

G                           D                      C                                D

If we had another day girl, we just might have beat that game

             G                      C               G                           D

But the laws of life are simple and time it won’t stand still

         C                                                  G                        D

If we didn’t learn to let it go we would surely have been killed

G                  C            G         D

Dog days of summer, big city heat

G                      Em      C                          D                   D

Junkies on the corner, policemen on the beat

Em            C              Em          G

Crumbled buildings, crumbled lives

G                               D                           C                          D

But through it all my pretty girl You just simply smiled and tried

G            D                                    C

Oh little girl your eyes sure were sweet

G            D                           C

Hey little girl you sure were sweet

G                             C                   G                               D

Remember on that August night, My brother’s car and we took flight

                  C                                    G

From that crowded corner and the Kings County crime

      C                              G

To Breezy Point on the Rockaway line


We kicked off our shoes and we ran on the beach


Our hearts and our souls for the moment did reach

        G                                           D

And I knew that I’d miss you, Yes I knew that I’d miss you

                        C  (x4)

When I had to leave

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