Chords: Mother Justice

Guitar Chords: Mother Justice

Short intro: Em     C     G   G.   x2

Em              C                             G

Oh Mother Justice where’d you go?

            Em               C                         D

Let the lawyers and judges steal the show.

C                        G

Laid down your scales,                            

C                   Em   G

Took off you dark blindfold.

               D                    C

Now you try to see the future,

              G                           D

But the past’s not yet been told.

Em              C                             G

Oh Mother Justice, Where’d you go?

                Em                                                D         

Was your price paid? Your price paid up in gold?

Em                    C                             G                     D

What about the poor man, And the children in the cold?

Em                    C                           G                       D                 

What about the masses, Left with nothing but their souls?

D               Em

Should we lead them?


Should we bleed them?

                  G                       D

Should we just leave them alone?

                  C                       G

They may not be worth the effort,

                  C                     D

There’s no money in their bones.

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