Prophet Ezekiel Blues

Raging fire on a cloud
Streaming from the north
Four broken faces
Question your self-worth

Man and lion, ox and eagle
Can a man have wings
Put the world through its paces
What does your life mean

Fire bright, lightning strike
Running to and fro
Coals of fire, torches bright
Where are we to go

Wheel in the sky keeps turning
Wheel in the middle of a wheel
Always moving to your goal
Like a mind of steel

Rainy day rainbow in a cloud
Brightness all around
Visions of God up in heaven
Messenger on the ground

Eat what you find
Live your roll
Fill your stomach
Honey sweetness scroll

Travel home adamant stone
Hard like flint, rebels all
You are the one
Answer the call

Lifted up, thunderous voice
Captives by the river
Seven days astonished
Who will be the winner

Watchman of the house
Word from my mouth
Warning, warning
You will surely die

Shut inside
Ropes that bind
Close your mouth
In the rebel’s house

He who hears
Let him hear
He who dares
Let him near

Copyright © John McGlynn

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