My Spirit is High

I was so broken
My bones were dry
My will was shattered
But my spirit was high

I’ve roamed this old world
Many a year
I’ve been so aimless
And shed many a tear

A broken man
With a pride so tough
Never needed so little
Never needed so much

Then I read a little bit
And I read a little more
Then I couldn’t get enough
I was shaken to my core

The words had their own power
The words had their own might
The words cut through the darkness
And shed a brand-new light

So, I gained some understanding
And I gained a little ground
I gained a little wisdom
And my thoughts became sound

I see there was always a purpose
There was always a plan
There was always perfect reason
But I never joined in

Now the times are different
The light and word I crave
The old man was surly dying
But the new man now is saved

Still I am broken
But with a difference in my eye
My will cannot be shattered
And my spirit soars so high

Copyright © John McGlynn

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