I Fell Down

I fell down
I scraped my pride
I hurt so much
I knelt and cried

Cried so hard
My head did spin
I realized
Against You I’ve sinned

Sinned so much
Broke all the rules
Now I see
I am such a fool

Foolish pride
Got in my way
Reckless man
I am I’d say

Say I’m lost
Can’t disagree
But by Your love
I’ve been set free

Freedom comes
At such a cost
You paid it all
When on the cross

Die to self
Live for you
A brand-new man
This thing I’ll do

Do more for others
To you be true
Do less for me
And more for you

You pick me up
You take my weakness
You give me strength
In Your forgiveness

Forgive my Lord
By your daily grace
And I feel strong
To complete the race

Copyright © John McGlynn

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