14 Mules

Went to bed just like any other night,
Said my prayers, turned out the light.
Just when sleep was coming over me,
A knock on the door brought me to my feet.

As I stood, the door came crashing down,
A blinding light filled the room all ‘round.
An angel of the Lord boldly came in,
Loudly proclaiming: “Let the journey begin”.

He rose up his arm,
Pointing to the bed,
That’s the moment I knew,
For sure I was dead.

For I turned and looked down,
And I started to cry.
Where my own lifeless body,
So quiet did lie.

The leader cried out,
With what sounded like dread.
We’re to take you to heaven,
For the life that you’ve led.

Well, I jumped for joy,
When he gave me the news.
Though I was somewhat puzzled,
At his sad attitude.

He sensed my yearning,
And came over near.
To shake of my hand,
And dispel all my fears.

My friend, he cried,
Do not be afraid.
For the Lord wants you near Him,
You have walked in his ways.

But even the saints,
Have a price they must pay.
It is a three day journey,
No time to delay.

He showed me the window,
And a sight to behold.
A company of angels,
And fourteen pack mules.

14 Mules,
Carry that load
14 Mules,
Oh Lord, carry that load

The angels were armed,
As if ready to fight.
While a lone young man,
Packed the mules to great heights.

The mules’ were grand,
And steady it seemed.
I inquired of their presence,
And what it did mean.

The leader of angels,
Turned then to me.
Tis the burden of your soul,
The weight of sins not yet clean.

The young man worked on,
Till the last mule was packed.
Till the weight of my sins,
On their strong backs were stacked.

The mules’ seemed no worse,
Then before they began.
But the young man looked weak,
And had blood on his hands.

14 Mules,
Carry that load
14 Mules,
Oh Lord, carry that load

We set out to walk,
Behind the mule team,
A band of armed angels,
And a sinner redeemed.

We walk on for miles,
This tight little band.
When the quiet was ruptured,
With a clash and a bang.

Up from the ground,
And down from the sky,
Yelling and screaming,
The demons arrived.

A battle began,
Too terrible for words,
Hand to hand combat,
Daggers and swords.

The leader of angels,
Yelled out his commands,
He circled the mules,
He grabbed for my hand.

I was made to sit down,
And the young man close by,
With the mules all around us,
He prayed and I cried.

There was something about Him,
I seen as He prayed.
He was more like a teacher
Not a mule boy by trade.

When suddenly it happened,
A demon broke through,
With sword he ran toward us,
I knew not what to do.

As he raised his weapon,
His eyes seem to smoke,
But he fell where he stood,
When the young man but spoke.

When the fighting was over,
And the angels had won,
We settled the mules,
And marched on again.

14 Mules,
Carry that load
14 Mules,
Oh Lord, carry that load.

I kept my eyes glued,
On the young man before me,
For some how I knew,
There was much more indeed.

The aura around Him,
Seemed a blue glow.
The Truth of His story,
I just had to know.

Now the day came to close,
I was tired and worn,
But this band was not sleepy,
We had to move on.

And so it continued,
Time and again,
The demons attacked,
While the angels defend.

Never  it happened,
That harm came to me,
I was protected by angels,
And the Lord by decree.

For soon I had learned,
The boy was much more,
Than a mere hired hand ,
To lead the pack mules.

For in my heart of hearts,
The meaning was clear,
The boy was the Lord,
Sweet Jesus so dear.

I fell to my knees,
I cried for forgiveness,
How could I fail to have loved
While His love flowed so freely.

I closed my eyes,
With my face to the ground,
I thought of the cross,
And the blood that flowed down.

I thought of his side,
Of His hand and His feet,
The scars on His back,
And His love so complete.

I accept this sacrifice,
That I never deserved,
When He died for my sins,
My salvation preserved.

Oh Jesus, my Jesus,
I cried, cried so loud,
Your are Lord and my God,
To be Yours’ I am proud.

A peace and calmness,
Then came on the scene,
The demons retreated
And were fleeing the scene.

Some dropped their weapons,
When my words they did hear,
They ran and they stumbled,
While holding their ears.

The angels did gather,
With cheers and great shouts,
They bowed to the Lord,
In the mist of this route.

The leader of angels,
Turned then to me,
To welcome me into ,
The Lords family.

When I looked up again,
I was where I began,
In my own little room,
A born again man.

Then a light did appear,
It was the angel again,
He reached for my hand
And calmly began:

“Your time is not now,
But there are limits for all,
And there’s no three journey,
The next time that I call.

In the Lord’s book of life,
Your name it was penned,
When you asked for forgiveness,
And accepted the lamb.

Fear not the moment,
The next time you see us,
When you stand up for judgment,
You’ll be judged just like Jesus.

So it will be,
For your friends and you foes,
Tell them all,
The glory now told.

The way into heaven,
It is easy to see,
Call upon Christ,
Let your sins be wiped clean.

Now tell all your friends,
Your were lost and now found,
You were cleansed of your sins,
You are glory bound.

14 Mules,
Never carried that load
O Lord,
You alone carry that load.

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