White Horse

Here comes that white horse again
Comes in the bright light
But there’s darkness right behind
Been through
One too many rides
And this you can’t pretend
If you ride just one more time
It will surely be your end

Gallops through the sunshine
The darkness and the rain
Runs through the water
And on mountains and the plains
She splits the wind with her speed
Your loses are her gain
She’s taken everything that you own
Your lucky you can stand

You don’t need to ride that horse
You know she’s not your friend
Every day you fight the urge
Your living on the edge
Your family and your friends
Have turned their heads and left
You’ve told them one too many lies
They’ve lost all hope you’ll mend

Better get down on your knees
Better say your prayers
That horse is running fast tonight
There’s fire in her nares
She’s coming close, she’s down the road
Your almost in her sights
But if you ride just one more time
You won’t make it through the night

Copyright © John McGlynn

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